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  • 发布日期: 2018-10-27

The waste recycling industry maximizes the recycling of waste products, while at the same time undertaking the responsibility of reducing waste and pollution, and protecting the urban environment. Its positive significance can not be estimated. It is an industry that can not be ignored.
At present, recycled paper is the main waste that Macao transports to the mainland of China. However, due to the complexity of the new standards for receiving waste paper in mainland China, most of the recyclers in mainland China have not received the latest instructions. As a result, the substandard recycled paper in Macao may be accumulated in large quantities and can only be transported to landfills.
The recovery of waste paper and other waste products in Macao is becoming increasingly difficult. At present, only 40 recyclers are struggling to support it. With the tightening of recycling standards in mainland China, industry insiders say that the government will no longer lead the environmental protection industry. Once the waste recycling industry disappears completely, the whole Australian people will have to bear the inestimable consequences.
Government support, no excuse.
The waste recycling industry said that the government has repeatedly expressed support for the recovery industry, but has never fulfilled its commitments.
In recent years, there have been media visits to Macao environmental protection materials Recycling Association President Chen Wannian. Chen said that in recent years, the mainland has been tightening and restricting the import of recycled materials and waste products, which has greatly affected the business of Macao's recycling industry. He pointed out that although Macao's recycling industry exports waste products not only to the mainland market, but also to Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other places, but China as the largest market of Macao's waste recycling industry, the industry should look at the mainland market.
Asked what impact the mainland will have after the implementation of the new regulations on January 1, 2018, Chen Wannian lamented that he believed that the new measures would reduce the order of Macao industry and bring a certain blow to the revenue of the industry.
Chen Wannian also pointed out that because the mainland tightened the import standards of recycled waste products, so that waste classification methods more complex than before, non-standard will be returned, so we need to hire more people for waste disposal and classification, which makes hundreds of pounds of industry, add another cost.
In addition, in recent years, the pressure on the recycling industry has risen sharply, from more than 300 in the past to less than 40 now. As a sunset industry, Chen Wannian has no choice but to say that our waste recycling industry belongs to a special industry, without government support, it can not continue to operate, but the current government's approach to us is empty.
Equipment surviving and talking about survival
It was revealed that in the past, the government had advised the government to subsidize the purchase of machinery. After discussion, the government promised to subsidize 20% of the total amount of the subsidies, but the cost of the machines was too expensive for the general industry to afford, and many industries may not be able to survive for five years. In addition, many machines have been in operation for many years, supporting equipment is old, especially transport vehicles, a variety of factors make the industry extremely difficult to operate.
As the mainland tightens its waste recycling system, Mr. Chen concludes, it will be harder for Macao's recycling industry to survive, and it will be difficult for the industry to survive if the government remains slow to improve its attitude towards environmental recycling.
The environmental protection building is over before it starts.
He Weitian, chairman of the Macau Society of Ecology, was later interviewed by the media. In the past, the environmental Commission suggested that a central environmental protection building should be built in the landfill area to concentrate on the waste recycling industry. The government could also provide a better site for the industry, provide more advanced equipment and strive to achieve local disposal. The purpose of local use.
He Weitian said that the government's current practice is only focused on the export of waste products, construction waste and waste vehicles intended to export Jiangmen, waste batteries proposed to export to Japan, but the government did not consider environmental treatment in Macau.
He Weitian pointed out that at present, most of the waste products are disposed of by the recycling industry before being exported, but the number of the industry is decreasing. The main reason is that there is no government support, the recycling industry is not unwilling to do, but can not get government support.
He Weitian also said that he had known about previous discussions between the recycling industry and the EPA, and the EPA had promised to help the recycling industry out of its predicament. But after three or four years of talks, the EPA had made no progress and had promised verbally to help the industry solve the problem, but there had never been any substantive action. He Weitian bluntly said that if the waste recycling industry disappeared, the EPA had an unshirkable responsibility.
Nowadays, Macao's waste recycling industry is heading towards the sunset, slowly declining. How can they continue to develop without support or new equipment? If there is no place in Macau for centralized waste disposal, only by export, and he prohibits the import of recycled waste to the mainland and elsewhere, does that mean that the recycling industry in Macau will stop there?

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